brutal: punishingly hard or uncomfortable

brutal: direct and lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness

Why brutal?

Brutal, like many words, has several definitions. Here it means direct, honest, hard, and no bs. Like when someone says “that was brutal”, and they are happy about it.

brutalBlock is portal which provides self-transformation, physical training, and lifestyle content. Resources include books, videos, podcasts, articles, blog posts, and links to other websites. These provide connections for improving health, strength, conditioning, and happiness. All so you can get the best of you.

brutalBlock is about taking action and hard work. It’s about finding your path and following it.

Welcome to brutalBlock.

What you will find here

Books, videos, articles, and podcasts on:

Self Improvement and Transformation – Think you are where you should be? Probably not. Improve.

Training, Working Out, and Eating – If you are moving, keep moving. Make it harder. If you’re not, start. Eat better. Move.

Live Life – Do it. (You have time.) Feel good.






That thing is not going to do itself

what thing?


is someone getting the best of you?

are you getting the best of you?