032918 Workout of the Day (WOD)

Strength – Hexbar Deadlift

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Deadlift day. Not my favorite workout day. Not because I don’t like deadlifting. It’s because I injured my back a number of times over the years, which I believe was mainly due to bad form. Usually healed within a week or so, which was surprisingly quick considered I could barely move the first few days afterwards.

Hurt enough to have an MRI in 2013. Diagnoses was “sightly herniated disc”. Of course, I asked Dr. what I could do about it. She asked me how I hurt it. Told her I was deadlifting. She said don’t deadlift. I was doing Crossfit at the time and explained that was not an option. She said see ya’ soon … For the most part, I took her advice.  

Trapbar – Alternative to barbell deadlift

Knowing the value of the big three lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift), I tried many times to re-incorporate deadlifting. And hurt my back every time. Recently I read a posting on using trapbar as alternative to traditional deadlift. I had seen trapbar in the gym, but never gave using it serious consideration. Turns out it is an excellent substitute. In fact, some serious trainers would choose trapbar deadlift if  they could use or prescribe only one exercise including Bret Contreras in this article. I’ve found trapbar reduces stress on my back and connective tissues during deadlift and have been able to (happily) incorporate it without injury. 

Trapbar workout: 3 reps 10 rounds each minute on the minute (EMOM) weight 300#.

Metcon – Hello again Box Jump

I did what seemed like a million box jumps when I was doing Crossfit. So many that I never wanted to do another one. And I didn’t until yesterday. I generally include a dynamic, explosive exercise in metcon. Today I brought my old friend the box jump back into programming. Here’s good video on how to do them properly (i.e. with full hip extension at the top).

Metcon: 10 rounds of 5 dumbbell clean and press and 5 box jumps. 45# dumbbells. 24″ box.

Forgot to write down time.

Additional Resources

How to perform trap bar deadlift.

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