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Strength – Hang Power Clean

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Power clean is #3 of my big three (squat, trap bar deadlift, and power clean). I usually do hang power clean to keep from the floor movements to a minimum giving my lower back a rest. 

I program my workouts to get stronger typically through sets of 1 to 5 reps with 80% 1 rep max (1RM) and greater weights. And to do something with that strength. By do something, I mean perform in an exercise in a dynamic, powerful and explosive manner.

Power and hang power cleans are perfect for building powerful, dynamic strength. After all, power is the name of the exercise. Here’s how to do them. Typically I train these with each minute on the minute (EMOM) protocol.

Hang Power Clean Workout: 10 rounds EMOM 3 hang power cleans. Weight 155#.

Followed by 5 rounds of 10 hang power cleans with 95#. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Here working on form, speed and efficiency. Grip strength definitely comes into play in last reps of last 2 rounds.

Metcon – 100 Kettlebell Snatch in 5 Minutes Challenge

I found this one day when searching for kettlebell challenge. I had just finished my own little challenge of 3000 kettlebell swings in 2 weeks and was looking for new kettlebell challenge. (I did kbs as metcon exclusively for these 2 weeks.)

The 100 kettlebell snatch in 5 minutes challenge consists of 50 with each arm. For my age group, 20kg kettlebell used for the challenge. I’ve reduced my time from little over 8 minutes to just under 6 minutes. I’ve realized reducing that time is increasingly difficult as I get closer to 5 minutes. I usually go at it by starting with 10 to 14 snatches with each arm and going down in reps as time goes on. Toward the end of the round, I am doing 4 with each arm. To meet the 5 minute mark, I have to reduce rest and get reps up. (That’s obvious. But becomes less obvious when my shoulders tire out and I can hardly catch my breadth as time goes on …). Today I changed tactics and went with 35# kettlebell to see if I could complete 100 snatches in 5 minutes. Came very close. This gives me benchmark in how much rest I can take. Not surprisingly the answer is not much.

Here is link from Onnit with training and strategy.

Metcon: 100 kettlebell snatches as fast as possible; 50 each arm 

Time = 5:08.

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