040418 Workout of the DAY (WOD)

Strength – Trap Bar Deadlift

OneLife Fitness, Cumming GA

Went to gym with mind on doing power cleans and push press. Plan was to do 3 hang power cleans and 3 push press for 10 rounds EMOM. OneLife only has one power rack/lifting platform and it was taken. Lot of times taken by someone doing curls, but this time kid that looked to weigh about 185# was deadlifting. Bar was loaded with 405# last time I went by. It’s ok by me if someone is deadlifting more than twice body weight in only lifting platform. So I did trap bar deadlifts instead. I’m not sure why, but I don’t feel I have to drop trap bar, so I can use “functional fitness area”.

Trapbar deadlift: 5 rounds 2 reps each minute on the minute (EMOM). 295#. Then 5 more rounds 4 reps EMOM. 225#.

Nice little workout. Seems most people use the upper handles (that are above normal bar height). I flip trap bar over so lifting from the same height as straight bar deadlift. Because handles are at your side, I am squatting down more and feel it in my legs more than normal deadlift. Not really working my posterior as much as I need, but less stress on my back and lets me deadlift. So it’s good for now.


Well. Not really a deadlift accessory lift … Did 100 reps on Hammer Strength selectorized decline press.

It wasn’t too long ago that I felt it wasn’t a workout unless I was using barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. Was really stuck on idea that always must use “real” lifting equipment to engage all the little muscles involved in stabilizing bigger muscles. I do believe this is important, however I have come to believe it is sorta silly to exclude using machines though. I use machines, mostly hammer strength, for hypertrophy training. Typically, I do 50 or 100 reps starting with a very light weight at 20 to 25 reps and move up in weight until I get to weight I can only do 2 or 3 reps. And then come back down to starting weight. Selectorized hammer strength machines are perfect for this.

100 reps Hammer Strength decline press. First set 25 reps. Rest 15 to 30 seconds. Go up 10#’s and do as many reps as possible. Repeat until get to weight can do only 2 reps. Then go back down to starting weight for total of 100 reps. 


Today I returned to recently programmed dumbbell clean and push press and box jumps. I like this combination. Can go fairly heavy on dumbbell clean and press and then work explosive strength with box jump.

10 rounds dumbbell clean and push press. 45#. 5 box jumps first four rounds. 3 box jumps last 6 rounds. 24 in box. (The weirdness in box jumps is because when I did this the first time, I felt I wasn’t going to get 10 rounds with 5 box jumps. So changed to 3 box jumps in round 5. I wanted to compare today to last time I did this so I kept the same goofiness.)

Time = 10:14 (This is almost 3 minutes faster than last time.)

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