Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual

My first exposure to Jocko Willink was from a Facebook post that showed up in my feed. The post was “curse the warmth of the bed”. Willink didn’t give 27 reasons to get up early. He said get up. Just get out of the bed. It so happens that he gets up by 4:30a and post a picture every morning on Instagram.

I get up early, but I was not cursing the warmth of the bed. So, I checked into what this guy is all about.


Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL, was commander of the most highly decorated special operations units of the war in Iraq. Now he is bestselling author of Extreme Ownership How Navy Seals Lead and Win, Way of the Warrior Kid, host of Jocko Podcast, founded Echelon Front with his partner Leif Babon, and speaks at leadership conferences. In his latest bestselling book, Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, Jocko turns traditional self-help and motivation upside down.


In Discipline Equals Freedom Jocko dispels many notions about motivation and success. He boils everything down to one key ingredient: Discipline. You can make plans and think about doing something. However, thinking and planning do not produce results. Results come from action. Having the discipline to act day-after-day (after day) allows you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


Discipline Equals Freedom is divided into Thoughts and, of course, Actions. In thoughts Jocko gives his ideas on motivation, weakness, strength, fear of failure, and not feeling it (one of my favorites). In Actions, he discusses diet, injury and prevention and physical training. All of it covered in simple, short, honest statements.

A Bit From the Book

As I mentioned, not feeling it is one my favorite parts of the book. Here he addresses what to do when you are just not “feeling it”.

Don’t want to workout – work out

Don’t want to work on that project – work on it

Don’t want to get out of bed – get out of bed

Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual

Are you feeling like you are not getting anywhere? Not motivated? Life is not going the way you want? As I imagine Jocko would say – read it.

Description from Amazon

“Within these pages discover the keys to becoming stronger, smarter, faster, and healthier. There is only one way to achieve true freedom: The Way of Discipline. Read this book and find The Way.”

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